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60 New Life Quotes In English | Quotes About Life

Quotes for life

1.When the need finish the friend becomes a traitor. The traitor becomes a friend when the need begins. This is the world.

2.Be questionable to those who hate you. Be the answer to those who love you.

3.There is no life without difficulties. No matter how many difficulties come in life, do not miss to enjoy the minutes for yourself..!

4.Life tells us to spend days enduring whether we like it or not.

5.I keep traveling. By learning a lesson from everyone. On the path of my life.

6.Love has no form, affection has no form, no one in the world is permanent. we will be born once, we will die once. until then we will be happy with love.

7.Do not be ashamed, even if you do not say consolation to the one who stumbles in life. You too may stumble tomorrow.

8.Living life for society is fake. The life you live for is real. But the fake beats the truth.

9.Life is a journey in search of answers. Some do not know the answer. Many do not understand the question.

10.The river will set aside non-swimming fish. Life will set aside the man who does not work beyond ridicule and criticism.

11.Do not regret losing. Life is not what we set up, life is what sets us up.

12.Do not share your secrets with others. It may destroy you. How can others keep your secret that you cannot keep to yourself.

13.I am one of those people. who live in the hope that one day some miracle will happen in our life and life will be change.

14.The greatest treasure of life is the comfort and change that comes at the right time.

15.No one comes to wipe away tears. No one comes to laugh when you worry. Make a mistake without knowing it. This world will come together to criticize you.

16.Your life will be addictive only if you have patience. When you lose patience you become addicted to life.

17.No matter how many problems in life, even the difficulty becomes like when there is a real relationship to say consolation.

18.Water is not available when asked. but rose water comes and falls when not asked.

19.I learned to bear the pain. Because pain has become life.

20.Despite struggling to make a difference, this life only changes us.

21.Everything i think should happen in reality happens in dreams. Everything i think should not even happen in a dream is actually happening.

22.Pain and frustration are not the end of life, the experience of understanding life and continuing to travel.

23.If the five second smile makes a photo beautiful. How beautiful is the smile of life forever. Let's live with a smile.

24.LIFE is about enjoying some dreams come true. And forgetting many dreams as dreams.

25.Life is full of pleasure on the one hand and misery on the other. Life would not be enjoyable even if there was not a part in it.

26.Only after experiencing it seems that, there are more dangerous people here than loved ones.

27.Life is for living. Let's live without inferiority complex, Without looking through the magnifying glass of others' grievances, Looking at our face in the mirror, Correct the grievances we have, Once born, once we death, Life is for living.

28.The rain starts in the drizzle and ends in the drizzle..! The life starts with tears and ends with tears..!

29.Every man who laughs too much. He will have the biggest wound in his mind. So no matter how much the mind hurts. Make everyone smile. Let the wounds disappear.

30.Life is a question, No one can answer. Death is an answer, No one can question.

31.Reality has no relationships. But, Lies are too much for relationships.

32.Let's get used to giving up and living. Otherwise, Life will leave us alone.

33.Life is about getting up for the six letters of hunger and running for the five letters of money.

34.If anyone asks me what you have achieved in life, I will tell him. "Believers deceive me, but I never deceive anyone"

35.Today's pain makes forget and disappear yesterday's pain.

36.No one lasts until the end as they did in the beginning. Search is high when absent. Much of the indifference when there is. This is life here.

37.The thoughts we sow will come back to us. Good, evil, virtue, truth, lie, deceit, harm, love, anger. It is up to us to decide what kind of thoughts to sow. Life as thought.

38.Than to live a lie for desire. Live truly for the sake of affection. The pain in the mind will subside. Life will be beautiful too.

39.Pleasure and misery are the buses that come and go in our lives. We have to decide what to travel.

40.Of the thousands of hands that come with advice, not one comes to the rescue.

41.To recover a lost life. Some people need money. Some people need a good mind.

42.Few people understand grief. Some people just want to hear the story. Many do not even hear it.

43.Life hides a thousand surprises in the next moment. Some are happy. some are sad.

44.Fame and money are like seawater. The thirst to drink it will continue to increase.

45.A thousand ways if desired. A thousand reasons for not having the will. These are the thoughts of man.

46.If you think you have to give something to others, give them hope. It will be enough for life.

47.Revenge is not heroism, it is zeroism. Forgive and accept him, it is heroism.

48.Let life change anyway. Let the thoughts not hurt until the next. That and this will pass. But, nothing will be forgotten.

49.Not even the Lord can be sweet to everyone. Try to be honest and true to everyone.

50.Do not hesitate to give a little. It's great for the buyer. Do not steal that little to pick up. It's great for the loser.

51.Love shows everything beautifully!

Hope shows all is well!

Labor shows all high!

Nature shows everything as Lord!

Life shows everything by chance!

52.And to the one who reveals the secret. For one who does not express grief. There will be no peace of mind..!

53.Don't do good that people will tell you you're good..! Do good for people to be good..!

54.Don't think too much. Do not love too much. Both will drive us crazy one day.

55.As long as you benefit, you are good, strong, calm, and patient. If you are of no use, you are bad. This is human nature.

56.There are two types of losers in life, One who does not listen to anyone words. Second who listen all words from anyone.

57.It is not wrong to think that everyone is good. It is a mistake to think that that everyone is good all the time.

58.Telling problems is not life. Life is about moving on from saying that all this is a problem.

59.Life tastes like sugar-free coffee. without money.

60.It is true that many pains have changed me, rather than saying that I have changed.

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