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52 Latest English Life Quotes | New Life Quotes In English

Life quotes in english

1.Walking alone is not difficult. but, walking long distances with someone. and then continuing the journey alone is one of the most painful days in life.

2.Some mistakes will tell us who we are..! Some mistakes will tell us who we should be..!

3.Sobriety comes only after the blow, both in the vehicle and in life.

4.Not even a word can be used without knowing the meaning. But i have to live this life without knowing the meaning.

5.Relationships that comfort your worries are a blessing. But don’t pour everything in the name of comfort. Never let anyone fully realize your pain.

6.The lesson we learn from suffering. Is not to give that suffering to anyone else...!

7.Punishment and forgiveness are not given for mistakes..! Depending on the background of the wrongdoer..!

8.In cat and mouse racing, Often mouse wins. Because the cat runs for food. The rat runs for life. Aim more than necessary Revealing more talent...!

9.Thoughts we sow Will be back to us. Good, evil, virtue, truth, Lying, slander, harm, love, anger. What kind of thoughts to sow. We just have to decide. Life as thought.

10.For someone in trouble. More than those who ask what is needed. Most people think he needs it.

11.If your vision is good You know the world is good. If your words are good You look good to the world.

12.Don't give up, man That you have no one. Both eyes to cry Both hands to wipe God created just for you.

13.Whenever temperance fails. Just remember one thing. The words are sharp. It can distort us forever.

14.Of those around us many are chameleons. For their need. They will catch our legs too. Once the requirement is met, They will strangle our necks too.

15.Do not regret not getting recognition. The adventurer is also called Dope. The dope is also called the hero This is a community where celebrating people live.

16.Anyone who knows how to blame Not going to tell us the way Our lives are in our hands.

17.Cover the ears as you move forward. Otherwise by the blowing words. You will fall...!

18.Every failure If you take a lesson. In the exam of life. May you succeed...!!

19.One of those who deceived you. Just say and leave. Today me..! Tomorrow you..!!

20.For a mistake seen in the good person. Do not leave him...! For a good thing seen by the wicked. Do not join him...!!

21.Anxiety is tomorrow's suffering Will not go away. But the joys of today. Will be destroyed.

22.Love the woman, who carries you in her womb, And the woman who carries your womb, Until you go to the grave.

23.To learn the lesson of life. It is enough to know the path that mom and dad went through.

24.If we lend a hand to bear the burden of others, the weight of our burden will decrease by itself.

25.Even if we want to laugh, even if we want to make ourselves laugh more than we are, every second of us will be happy.

26.Suffering will fly away even if you have the courage to resist.

27.No one hurts us. We hurt ourselves by giving importance to others more than necessary.

28.I don't discriminate between good man and bad man. "death".

29.None of us change automatically. we are changed by someone. as good, as bad, as foolish, as innocent, as intelligent, as stupid.

30.Love those who love! Help those in need! Forgive those who hurt! Forget those who walk away!

31.False love, Fun talk, Search when needed. This is the life of many here..!!

32.You don't know the relationship if you have money. The relationship doesn't know you if you don't have money.

33.Any object in this world is only twice as beautiful. Before achieving one. Even after losing two.

34.Do not seek the warmth of another to forget one. Then you have to reach out to someone else for comfort to forget it.

35.Whether or not "change" comes in life, however, "disappointment" does come much.

36.If the woman is crying, it means that she is encouraging herself. If the male cries, it means he has lost his courage.

37.The past is gone with the dream. The present continues like a shadow. The opposite period floats in the imagination.

38.Thanks to so many people in life! Thank you so much to some people! Many have come to teach you a lesson! Some came as a lesson!!

39.Life is a slave to you if you have patience. If you do not have patience you are a slave to life!

40.Tears are worthless if you get everything you love. Tears are not necessary if you love everything that is available.

41.Sobriety in anger, peace in confusion, courage in adversity, patience in failure, restraint in success, sweeten life.

42.No matter how many times you are deceived, do not think of deceiving others even once. that is the first step to your success.

43.The first page in the book of life is the "womb". The last page "grave". The pages between the "womb" and "grave" are written with a smile. Do not get wet with tears.

44.Life starting with crying and ending with crying. is the first cry of life about how we are going to live. and the last cry is how we lived.

45.Luxury life comes even at the age of fifty. But, the desired life will come only at the respective age. So live what you want right now.

46.Only birth and death come looking for us. We just have to find the rest.

47.Life often makes us think about why we met some? and why we missed some?

48.Yesterday's experience is a 'medicine' for life. Today's life is a 'magic' for us.

49.The pain in the mind can not be said, can not understand, only the suffering mind knows its pain.

50.you think that everyone should respect you. first learn to give respect for all of you. Life is so sweet and so much beautiful.

51.A son is born to us to say "everything you say is wrong". when we feel that everything our father says is "right".

52.They are the ones who speak disparagingly of us, the ones sow in us what we struggle for in life. Sometimes just some pain, creating some ways.

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