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Just a minute to talk to you. Just one minute to see you. Just a minute to say my love. Just one minute you agree. We have lived together for many years. Thought for just a minute to do so. Let me tell you for a minute that I love you.
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I'm lost in your laughter. I am the one who fell in your eyes. I am the lover who wants to hold your hand and carry you in my life.
🤵💘I Love You💘👸
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I love you Quote

💝When I see you💝
💝When I don't see you💝
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Love proposal Quote

Even though you are out of sight, your face is visible everywhere I look. my life! My sweetheart.
🌹🌹🌹I LOVE YOU🌹🌹🌹
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My love that makes me forget the world and only thinks of you, and meditation in a way that unites the mind for me. I am with your memories.
🌹🌹🌹I Love You My Dear🌹🌹🌹
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I love you quote

The eyes are yours, its search should be me. The eyelids are yours, and its dreams must be mine. The heart is yours, its pulse must be mine. My love is you. My life is you.
🌹🤵I Love You My Heart👸🌹
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I fall into the sea of love. I'm caught in the net that blows your eyes. Will you hold my hand? I join the stain.
🌹🌹🌹🤵I Love U My Angel👸🌹🌹🌹
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English love you Quote

This one birth is not enough to hold your hand and make our dreams come true and let us live and die. If I have to be born again, I want you to be in it. My heart and its pulse.
🤵I Love U My Sweet Heart👸
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I am waiting for your eye movement. To give my heart to you.
🌹🤵I Love U My Feature👸🌹
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Love proposal Quote in English

The desire to love you. The desire to hold your hand. The desire to live together. The desire to stay in your mind. The desire to fly around the world holds your hand. The desire to sleep in your heart. The desire to finally leave the world together and disappear.
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Best love proposal Quote

Beauty, queen of my heart, If you blink your eyes, I will write that I am your slave for the rest of my life.
🌹🌹I  💗 U MY 💕🌹🌹
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Quote for girlfriend

We will go to the world without anyone. We will live the life no one lives there. We will feel the meaning of love anew. We will create epic with our love without a space.
💗🤵I Love U My World👸💗
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Love Proposal english quote

Close your eyes for a minute.
Why? Are you saying close?
I say close. OK closed.
Do you know anything now? No.
My life would be the same without you.
🌹🌹I Love U My Life🌹🌹
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Love proposal Quote

I don't even know why I fell in love when I saw you. I do not understand anything that attracted me to you. Let me know if you know the thief of my heart.
🌹💕I Love You💕🌹
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Love proposal Quote

My dear, I have no desire to live for seven generations. Even if I live a generation, it should stay with you. That's it.
🌹I Love U MY Sweety🌹
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At the age when lust is exhausted and looking for soil, my mind is only looking for you, my love! My darling!
💃I Love U Forever💃
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Love proposal Quote

The price of gold is going up. Please do not come out of the house, my gold.
💃I Love U Forever💃
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