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10 Quotes About Mother And Mothers Love

Even when discovered around the world, a relationship like motherhood is not going to be available. The "mother" is the rebirth of the angel. "Mother" is the gift given by God.
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Don't forget the love of the mother who gave birth to you and showed you this beautiful world. If the mother's face blossoms, your life will blossom.
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Mother's love is like a lotus leaf. As our status rises and falls, love protects us.
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This is your name when I am used to talking for the first time. This is your name when I am first got used to writing.
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Take it when it is near. Do not search after getting lost. It is a treasure that will never be found again.
"Mother's Love".
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Between those relationships that speak and do not understand, the relationship that makes sense without speaking is "mother". Gods who do not give even when asked, Gods who give without asking are "Mother".
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"Mother" who gave birth through her body. "Mother" who gave life by turning blood into food. there is no one like you. There is no parallel to your love.
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If our relationship is one that hurts a thousand times, but never retreats, it is "Mom". If there is love "mother", if "God" we see while alive is "mother".
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When someone says that the carved stone is God, what does Mother say to you? You are above God. I Love You MOM.
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The wounds will heal. Imaginations change. Dreams will disappear. What never changes is the affection that mother has for us and the affection we have for mother.
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