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22 The Facts Of Life Quotes | Life Quotes With Image

Lost Edit: 09/02/21

Do not misbehave with a good man under any circumstances. Because the beautiful glass is broken and only sharp weapons are made.
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True lines

When someone has the courage to hurt your mind beyond you. You have to have the courage to beat it and make your mind happy.
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Quote for life

No need to worry if the speaker behind you praises or despises you. Keep going in front of them.
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Quote for life

Friends are also enemies. If our level drops. Enemies are also friends. If our level rises.
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Life fact

The advice of those who have money will only help those who have money. The experience of the one who has no money will help the one who has no money.
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Advice quote

Smile will be forgotten over time. But weeping will never be forgotten. We will be the hands that will wipe away tears. Do not let go because of crying.
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Crying Quote

Every rejection of life is the antidote to realizing who we are in their minds.
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Fact of life

The mind that thinks no one should fool us, Does not think that we should not fool anyone.
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Mind Quote

Life is all about thinking that everything will be fine, even if nothing is fine.
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Truth of life

If you live without shed sweat. In the end, somehow, the tears have to be shed.
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Life fact Quote

Even if everything that happens happens against us. The only confidence we have in ourselves is in living the right way without changing the way.
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happens against us

There are more enmities created by telling the truth than by enmity created by lying.
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Life fact Quote

Destiny in life goes away playing quietly. We are just screaming and crying. Destiny is stronger. Knowledge is stronger than that.
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Destiny quote

Not available when we wish. We have no wish when available.
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True lines about life

Meaningless desires, unsearchable needs, and aimless life make one poor.
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Poor Quote

My whole life was only disappointment. After that, even when one raised the knife to kill me, the answer to the fear was just laughter coming on my face.
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Life truth short Quote

Do not break the steps you have passed. Maybe the same steps are needed to get down. Because, fate is hard.! Time is bad.!
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Fact Quote

आपके द्वारा पास किए गए चरणों को मत तोड़ो। हो सकता है कि नीचे उतरने के लिए समान चरणों की आवश्यकता हो। क्योंकि, भाग्य कठिन है! समय खराब है!
aapake dvaara paas kie gae charanon ko mat todo. ho sakata hai ki neeche utarane ke lie samaan charanon kee aavashyakata ho. kyonki, bhaagy kathin hai! samay kharaab hai!
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Fact hindi shayari

Even if every new day passes by us, we must have done something new or learned something new.
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Inspirational life quote

We find pleasure in persecuting others. Which is equivalent to laughing at a burning corpse.
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Fact of life

Difference between rich and poor: Walking or running like a dog, he is "poor". Walking or running with the dog, he is "rich".
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English life fact

Hey man, don't need “enemies” to bring you down. Your "negative" thoughts are enough.
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Life truth Quote

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